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Water Tree Light

The watertree light. A very special lamp made out of wood. With a plateau which looks like water that's made out of transparant solid plastic. The items you place on the lamp look like they are floating on the water surface because of the light that is located below the surface. Even by daylight the lamp will catch your eye with the magic look.

I've made the watertree light for Corny Design. This is the first prototype. I'm now on a bigger project to combine the lamp with a table design. So you can have a very special table in your interior.

72 DPI

Commissioned by 72dpi and 72dpi-products I have made and designed a new website for 72dpi-products. It was a great and very instructive activity. I had the freedom of making what I thought would fit with 72dpi-products.

This assignment was a big challenge for me. It was the first time I had the opportunity to make a whole new website by myself for someone else. I'm very proud that this website is actually online on: www.72dpi-products.nl Especially because of the whole process I've made by making this website.

EURO scan app

A pitch-project for De Nederlandsche Bank by 72di-products. The assignment was to make an app to recognize the authentication features from eurobills. The Dutch people could find out how to see if the money was a counterfeit. It was important to do this with a twist and not only a picture or text.

I suggested a good idea for the app. I had the idea to make an app with Layar, you scan your bills and you see in 3D where you have to look on the bills to check if it is real.

It was a though one because all the software like Adobe Photoshop was secured to work with images of money of course. But eventually I did it and it was a great experience to do. And the result? Well look for yourself at the images.

Light ripple

This light is made of a single lasercutted material. I had the given choice between polypropylene and wood. The wood was my first choice because it's solid and the interaction between people and the lamp I wanted to create was duable with this lightweight wood. This wouldn't have the right effect with polypropylene.

The lamp is made from several rings. The idea behind the lamp, are the circles that are created by water, when you throw a small rock in it. These circles arise when the rock touches the water. This effect I wanted to recreate with light and wind.

If you open your door or window, there will be an airflow going through your room. The rings will react with this airflow and this will give a beautiful lighteffect on your ceiling and walls.

To ship the Light ripple with less shipping cost and a better effect for the enviroment. I made the package flat as possible. So when you receive the Light ripple you get a handy description how to put it together in the way you want. You can choose between severals ways to make the "watereffect" in the best way possible in your home.

Game Museum Amsterdam

One of the last project I did for my interactive designer education was Game Museum Amsterdam. A museum who want's a really interactive website. I was working with three other students and we were very proud of the result.

The website is a vertical scrolling website from bottom to top. If you intressted, you can see the prototype of the website.

We worked really hard on this website and there was struggle with the responsive webdesign but we did it in the finnal version. Unfortunatlly was Game Museum Amsterdam forced to close the museum. So the website doesn't excist anymore. But we learned a lot from this project and it was a lot of fun to make it.

Who is this Stefan?

The best thing about interaction product design is the connection between people and products.

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • HTML

  • CSS3

  • Voice recognition

  • Javascript

  • Solidworks

  • Luxion Keyshot

  • 3D printing

  • Craftsmanship

Stefan Kleef, a name I have had for 26 years now. I did a study at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam to become a Product Designer. I graduated as an Interactive Designer and I would like to combine these two design aspects.

The WOW effect is special to me, I like it when people look at design objects, with a look full of magic. I have an interest for technical products since I was little, this is the reason why most of my designs have technical aspects.

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